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My mission statement is:

Happy People! Happy Hormones! Happy Hour!

I am Lynette Webbe - Born in Wales and lived in Birmingham for the past 28 years. I have 8 years experience working in Mental Health and 5 years experience being an Activitiy C0-ordinator. I have also put together various projects and events for women, older hearts and children. I run my own Heart Group, I'm a mentor for Ex-Offenders, I volunteer for the Briish Heart Foundation and Birmingham's National Trust 'Back to Backs'. I was awarded and Outstanding Service Award to the community by the Lord Mayor on 18th July 2011.

I was made redundant in June 2009 from Victor Yates Care Home and following my redundancy I decided to develop my action plan in health and wellbeing and music to make people happy.

I went back into education and overcame challenging situation in my life, dyslexia being a major barrier in my learning but I beat all the odds and achieved my goal to become a Music Practitioner using music and movement to help people with dementia. I also studied Cognitive Therapy and then I went on to do a laughter and comedy course. I now use my training, experience in working with mental health and my own life stories to hels people see that, 'Things Do Get Better and that only we can control that!'

My Cobweb Shaking Feel Good Making leaves everyone feeling good! It's all about our health and wellbeing and creating Happy Hormones!

Singing and entertaining is my passion
I provide the medicine the doctors can't prescribe!